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We would like to thank you again for using one or more of our products! We make every effort to deliver great products that you won't need help with but we realize that it's impossible to cover every possible situation, especially with the wide variety of PC configurations available today. If you run into any problems please review the following remedies for some of the more common installation problems we have run across over the years. If this doesn't solve your problem, there is an email link at the bottom of this page that you can use to send us your questions. We will respond via email as soon as possible but please remember that we need some time, and as much information as you can give us, to try and duplicate your problem.

Choose your program from the list below to view the list of common problems and their solutions.

o PixSee MultiMedia Browser
o Photo Show 3D Screen Saver
o LogoShow Corporate Screen Saver

Note: It is often common practice for a user to download and test several different programs at the same time or shortly after an online session. We strongly recommend that you not do this because it is possible that any one of those programs could cause a problem the next time you boot your system and there is no way to be sure which program is at fault. Even though most programs do not require it, it is always a good idea to restart Windows and/or reboot your computer everytime you try a new program to be sure that it causes no problems. With this said, we wish to assure you that all of our programs are thoroughly scanned for viruses before they are uploaded here.

PixSee MultiMedia Browser

The PixSee MultiMedia Browser is our newest product. In fact, it is so new that we are not yet aware of any problems so we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know of any problems you have so that we may either correct the bug or post a solution here to help other users. Click here for installation instructions.

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Photo Show 3D or LogoShow Screen Saver

o How do I install Photo Show 3D or LogoShow?
o Photo Show 3D or LogoShow only works in Test mode
o Control Panel Can't Find Photo Show 3D or LogoShow
o Photo Show 3D or LogoShow Doesn't Appear to Do Anything
o It runs and I see sparkles or a black screen but there is no 3D object
o I installed Photo Show 3D or LogoShow and now Windows won't run

Photo Show 3D and LogoShow are the same basic program except for the image file types supported and the options available via the configuration dialogs so most of this information applies equally to both. They have a special troubleshooting feature that will hopefully help solve most problems. Everytime the program runs it writes a status message to its initialization file. Photo Show 3D displays this messge at the bottom of its configuration window in the box titled "Last Message". LogoShow doesn't display the message for you but it is still written to the initialization file, \WINDOWS\LOGOSHOW.INI and you can view it with any standard text editor such as NotePad or you can use the DOS TYPE command.

Photo Show 3D or LogoShow only works in Test mode

The "ScreenScan" feature of earlier versions of McAfee's anti-virus software for Windows 95 conflicts with some screensavers causing them to test properly but they will not run when they should. The latest version, as well as the version that was included with Windows 98, does not have this problem so you should contact McAfee for an update if you experience this problem. In the meantime it can be resolved by disabling the "ScreenScan" option. For more information please refer to the file WHATSNEW.TXT that is included with the McAfee program.

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Control Panel Can't Find Photo Show 3D or LogoShow

When you download the program it is in a compressed archive file which is called PS3D.ZIP for Photo Show 3D which we'll use for this example. The example also applies to LogoShow but the file and directory names are different.

This file must be unzipped into a temporary directory so that you may run PS3D.EXE to install the program. If you name your temporary directory C:\PS3D\ and then select the default installation directory of C:\PS3D\ the installation will appear to work but will not work correctly. The reason is that it tries to copy the files onto themselves and this results in their deletion followed by the creation of a new file with a byte size of zero. For example, the installer tries to copy the file PS3D.SCR from your temporary directory "C:\PS3D\PS3D.SCR" into the default installation directory which is the same directory. To begin the copy it looks to see if the file already exists and deletes it if it does. Next it creates a new file of the same name but when it goes back to get part of the original file to copy, it doesn't exist anymore. To remedy this problem, create a temporary directory called C:\TMP\ or C:\TEMP\ and unzip the original file into this. Then move to that directory and follow the instructions in INSTALL.TXT.

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Photo Show 3D or LogoShow Doesn't Appear to Do Anything

In order to allow Photo Show 3D and LogoShow to run on the widest variety of Windows systems, it uses Microsoft's WinG library. Unfortunately, WinG is very picky about how and where it's installed. The most likely cause of this particular problem is that the WinG files are either in the wrong directory or are in more than one directory. When this happens, WinG causes the program to abort before it actually gets a chance to run. To remedy this you must make sure that the WinG files are in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory and that they are not in the \WINDOWS\ directory. One easy way to do this is to open a DOS window or exit Windows and type the each of the following followed by the enter key:

    CD \
    DIR/S WING*.*

This will search all of the directories and subdirectories on your hard drive for the WinG files. If you find that the files are not in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory you must copy them there. If you find that they are in the \WINDOWS\ directory you must delete them from there but you should be sure you already have a copy in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory first. If you find copies in any other directories you should get rid of them but they probably aren't causing a problems. Here is a list of all of the WinG files:


If you are trying to run Photo Show 3D or LogoShow on a networked system that is tied to a server the server will in many cases have the only true SYSTEM directory. In this case the WinG files MUST be installed in that directory on the server and there can not be a copy on your local system.

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It runs and I see sparkles or a black screen but there is no 3D object.

Photo Show 3D or LogoShow can't find the specified image file. Since the configuration dialog allows you to type a file name in directly you may have entered it incorrectly. You also may have inadvertantly deleted the image file with File Manager or Explorer. To verify that this is the problem, bring up the configuration dialog and look in the display at the bottom labeled "Last Message" to see if it displays an error message of "File Not Found". Select a new image to correct this problem.

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I installed Photo Show 3D or LogoShow and now Windows won't run!

This problem is extremely rare and is caused by a WinG file called DVA.386 as mentioned above. On a very few systems, there is already a version of this file that was installed along with the video driver. With an older installer that we were using, it would replace this file with the WinG version causing problems. We are now using an installer that will not install the WinG file if there is already a file by that name in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory so this should no longer be a problem. If you happened to get one of the old versions and experience this problem you should be able to solve it either by restoring the original DVA.386 file from a backup or by reinstalling your video driver. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you but we had no way of knowing that this could be a problem until it actually happened to a user.

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